On the Red Parham P Baker Photography
                           On the Red River with Ruth

Home is where the heart is, and mine… is in nature…

Ruth and I decided to reprise our first outing together, a November hike along the Red River and then up to Eagles Point Buttress.   This year, as in last, we were just a few weeks past prime for the fall leaves, but there were a few hanging on here and there.

As we meandered upstream close to where we cut uphill, we found this nice pool with several wonderful huge boulders.   The light, the reflections, and the breeze stirring up the river made for a captivating scene.   I loved the warmth of the leaves and the river bottom against the cool colors of the sky reflections.  I particularly liked how the wind was whipping one area of the sky reflection, giving the image a very interesting look.

I’ve hiked and camped in the gorge since I was a kid, sometimes on trail and sometimes backwoods bushwhacking.  Whatever path I wandered, it’s always felt just right… just where I belonged… where I should be.

Sometimes, you can go back home… and it’s just the same, or better! 


As a photographer and a hiker, I love making images of the natural world. I'm also and avid scuba diver and wannabe chef.

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