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Parham P Baker,
Parham at barn shot on Union Mill
As I enter my 60s, I find that I now must do what I enjoy more than do what I must do. While I still live in the work a day world, managing a hospitality staffing company I founded, I am spending more time returning to my beloved wilds and more time behind my camera, computer and in my CinderBlock Studio creating the images I see in my minds eye.

For over thirty years I owned software development companies with one brief foray into an abortive attempt to field a large ship for scuba diving. Those years in the computer business kept my computer skills sharper than most which allows me to dive deeper into the digital darkroom. I have a strong understand of electronics so I not only know how to take a picture, I understand what the camera is doing and why and what Photoshop can do and how. This allows me to do things and take pictures that others might bypass.

I started in dabbling then delving into photography when I was in Junior High. My sister, Koral Martin and I had a darkroom in what was the utility room and processed our own color and black and white film. We also had a black and white enlarger and honed our skills at dodging and burning the old fashion way.  To this day I can summon up the smells of the chemical baths, hear the soft slosh as we agitated a tray with developer or fixer, and remember how strange things looked under a pale red light.

Parham at Dusk Blackwater Falls - Koral Martin Photography
Parham at Dusk Blackwater Falls

I continued shooting and processing through college, even doing some underwater photography (I’m an avid scuba diver) and a bit of shooting still into the part of life I’ll call the “real world.”  Sadly, I put my several Minolta cameras down for quite a while until the digital world finally began to unfold.

Now, with the incredible things a digital camera can do (I’m shooting Canon these days) combined with the ability to do dramatic editing on a computer, I’m back doing many of the things I truly enjoy; hiking and camping across the country and making pictures along the way.

Here’s hoping you feel what I felt when you see what I saw..  that I adequately made each image carry the feelings and emotions I hoped to share as I made these images.

So, I’ll see you soon, in a gallery or along a path less traveled.  Till then,

Happy trails!




PS   and of course… each of my images are for sale, as a print, a canvas, matted and framed, on metal or on glass.
And while your at it, take a look at my sisters work…

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