Red River Gorge Style

Fog on the mountains
Fog on the mountains
So, my buddy Charlie Gough was helping me with a shoot for the wonderful Kentucky State Parks of Natural Bridge State Resort Park.  We had quite a few shooting assignments and were hoping for great weather for the three days we had to finish it up in.  We got up one morning and….


Fogged in!  Drizzlies!  Nastiness!

We were supposed to shoot models in canoes and kayaks on the lake. No way to get them out where we wanted to and get some decent images as planned…  Couldn’t have seen them twenty feet away, plus, it was raining!


                                                              In failure; opportunity!


Of course, Natural Bridge is adjacent to the wonderful Red River Gorge, a place I’m intimately familiar with.  We looked out on the fog, exchanged glances, gave a thumbs up, and headed to our lodge rooms to grab our cameras.  We piled the gear into the Belly of the Beast (my XTerra) and headed out into the mist to see what might present itself to us…

…and present it did.   Amazing views with the fog providing separation between the mountains, drifting clouds of white, and dramatic backdrops for the pines.   Beautifulness!

Skybridge Overlook
Skybridge Overlook
We each got a fistful of “oh yeah!” images from the overlooks on Skybridge Road.   Each shot was more amazing than the last.   We blew through some memory card space (glad we weren’t shooting film, we’d both be broke from the processing costs as many as we took!)

But good things come to an end as the rain and fog moved on.   We wandered back to the Natural Bridge lodge to get to work as the fog and rain completely dissipated, each with that stupid grin that says, “yeah, I did that!”

Fog in the gorge
Fog in the gorge



So remember, when sometimes you get knocked down on one front, that may just mean opportunity is knocking on another.


In failure; opportunity! – Red River Gorge Style


As a photographer and a hiker, I love making images of the natural world. I'm also and avid scuba diver and wannabe chef.

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  1. Keith Williams

    Very good observations on attitude. I appreciate the insightful wisdom sir!

  2. Rustine

    Love your work and love that beautiful place!

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