I’m still wishing for Spring… again.

You see, I mostly missed it – again! Although I pledged to myself a few years ago, back when I picked up my cameras again, that I would never miss Spring again.

Yet, I did.

Wonder of Spring - Parham P Baker Photography
Wonder of Spring
Save a few all to short outings with Ruth, I missed Spring. I missed the Lady Slippers, the Showy Orchids, the Snow Trilliums. I missed the baby birds just learning to fly, the changing of the dank forest floor from earthy brown to happy greens and bright yellows, the swelling of the forest streams and rivers and cool waterfalls.  I even missed the buzzing of annoying gnats, the slogging along a muddy trail, the sudden – unprepared for downpour.   I missed the early morning sun streaking down through the trees dappling a mist covered glade, the rainbow trout struggling through the cold shallows on a mission to swim upstream, the warm creek-side rock where I share a packed-in lunch with my photog trailmates.

I missed Spring!

Suffice to say, I will make sure that Autumn is kept. I am looking forward to the colorful fading of summer into the golden red tints of the fall. My camera will again feast on the forest as I walk along a trail in the Red River Gorge or where ever the season takes me.

I recall the scents of Autumn, the musty crisp leaf-smell and the cool mornings that herald the passing of the year. I do love the swirl as the wind spirals red-orange-yellow across the path. I do love the scurry of the squirrels preparing for the winter ahead. I do love the crisp clear nights with a thousand stars across the forest tree tops.   Autumn is a wonderful time for those who make images of nature…

I pledge to make this Fall one to remember, and to share all the things I feel through my art as the season comes close!


I’m still wishing for spring… 


As a photographer and a hiker, I love making images of the natural world. I'm also and avid scuba diver and wannabe chef.

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