The Road Not Taken…

      and that has made all the difference.


It’s true, both in life and in taking great images.   Apologies to one of my favorite poets, Robert Frost… and his familiar poem, The Road Not Taken.

The Road Not Taken - Parham P Baker Photography
The Road Not Taken (Click for large)

Ruth and I enjoyed a wonderful gathering at Pine Mountain State Park, our annual photo weekend.   We were joined by close friends and other fun and great photographers from throughout the region.  Everyone who attended enjoyed an inspirational and educational program and a fantastic photo competition.

To be honest, the photo opportunities this year, due to many factors, but most especially the weather, made it challenging.  We struggled to get images as nice as we have captured in years past, yet we persevered and managed a few that at least made us smile.

Sometimes, even the most highly anticipated of opportunities, such as this for us annually, don’t quite go as hoped, but nonetheless, we make the most out of what we are handed.  One of my credo’s is… “I take what I get, and just be happy I got it.”  No, that’s not being complacent, it’s being thankful for what comes to us in life, whether good or bad.  Just like the opportunities this weekend to capture that one fantastic, never to be forgotten image; that one that obviously would not be… yet, what a great weekend.

But all that is not my point…

After the shooting, editing, eating, sharing, learning, (a glass of red or two,) laughing and finally the check out and awards, it was time to wend the way homeward.     Ruth and I agreed… backroads – not the interstate!   The interstate is just a boring, dangerous, bland blur of over cut green on the sides and too fast big truck taillights.  We have so little time to enjoy just roaming Kentucky’s wonderful, twisty small ways; so we just wanted to figure out a backroad and a few fun places to hit before we wandered back to our work-a-day world.

Ruth and Roadside Reflections - Parham P Baker Photography
Ruth and Roadside Reflections (Click for large)

We wound driving up one hill and across the next stream endlessly… wandering through the litter that is, unfortunately, the Eastern Kentucky back roadways, strewn with abandoned cars, dilapidated houses, trash mounded up here and there… yet there were still spots of beauty and wonder.   Even in the strewn waste, there were things that caught the eye, that drew you in.

As we drove along a long, winding valley Ruth uttered a “whoa!” and I twisted to see what caught her breath… Wow.  It was no wonder her eyes popped wide as she let out that gasp.

We drove up a tad, turned around, backtracked, and found a parking spot in the muddy grass along the hazy backroad.

AMAZING.  The trees… the reflections… the red barn…  all crazy nice on a littered, Eastern KY backroad.

Absolutely a moment and place in time for our memories….  and cameras!



All because…


We Took the Road Not Taken…

                                             and that made all the difference!!!





As a photographer and a hiker, I love making images of the natural world. I'm also and avid scuba diver and wannabe chef.

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