Sometimes, ya gotta get dirty..

If you really want the shot!!!

One day I was at the UK Arboretum shooting a shot of a crazy wild onion.  I just loved it.  Had corkscrew twists and turns, but to shoot it, I had to lay on the ground.  A few dozen yards away there was a lady with her baby in a buggy walking.  She turned around and saw me laying on the ground, and started calling out for help and was ready to call 911.   She pushed her stroller close to me while making the call… and was surprise when I stood up.

Wild Onion Wildness Parham P Baker Photography
Wild Onion Wildness


Sometimes you gotta get down.



New LIfe - Parham P Baker Photography
                                    New Life on the Forest Floor

This pic is also one of the many I get my clothes filthy from shooting.   This is a bud about to burst inches above the forest floor in Jessamine County.   The lady with the baby buggy wasn’t there to cry out, so I got to take my time shooting it.  Just loved the little “hairs” on the bloom.  Ruth was just a few feet away down low shooting probably a ‘shroom or different flower.

If you want to see nature at it’s finest, sometimes you gotta just “get down”

and dirty!!!



As a photographer and a hiker, I love making images of the natural world. I'm also and avid scuba diver and wannabe chef.

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