This… this is MY kinda streaming video.


Not the video on the iPhone, on the Android Tablet, on the Surface computer, but a real, live, cold, wet, wonderful stream…

And yes, I have video!


Bright Stream - Parham P Baker Photography
                           Bright Stream (Click image for larger version)

Ruth, Shari and I ventured out on Wednesday of our 2015 Steamboat Spring Colorado excursion and hiked along a wonderful stream.    Every bend in the trail made us want to stop and shoot another shot, whether the stream, a flower, a rocky hillside, a broad mountain vista.  Every moment was one to take your breath away.

Every moment was just us, in nature.  The only noise and busyness was the bubbling of the creek and the whisper of the pines in the wind.  It was a world away.

And today, here, in the real world, everyone is absorbed by their phones, their tablets, their computers… the cacophony that is our electronic world.  The noise of our myriad of devices.  The reliance, addiction to our gadgets.

The truth is, that’s me too.   I go into a restaurant, my iPad goes in too.    I stop at at stop light, my iPhone gets glanced at.  We are all that way pretty much anymore.  Interconnected with our electronic leashes.

But sometimes, you gotta cut the leash…

Stop the streaming, and watch the stream.

Stop the phony phone, and see the real world.

Stop the computer screen, and wander a nature scene.

Leave the daily buzz and bother behind and just go immerse yourself…


In MY kinda streaming video!!!


As a photographer and a hiker, I love making images of the natural world. I'm also and avid scuba diver and wannabe chef.

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