The best way to get high… in the Rockies!          

Distant Dumont Lake and Mountains Parham P Baker Photography
Distant Dumont Lake and Mountains  (Click for larger image)

On our Colorado Trip in 2015, we ventured to Dumont Lake, a small lake not far from Steamboat Springs.  There were folks fishing, canoeing and enjoying the amazing views around the lake.  The three of us burned a lot of film…um, filled up a lot of chip space there.  The wildflowers were abundant and the sun and sky was just perfect.

We then mounted our rental Ford Edge and headed up a rutted gravel road which passed a formation called Rabbit Ears.   We filled up a few more megabytes each stop nearing that photo-op.  One stop there was a tent pitched where someone was out day hiking and not at their thin-air home.

We got part way up and a 4×4 truck coming down flagged us and the frazzled looking passengers said that it was too rough to go on much further, they had turned around…

…so Ruth, who was driving at the time, drove on!!

The drive up into the high mountains and the stops along the way were amazing.  We were taking it slow, so really got to enjoy the vistas, the incredible rocky outcroppings, and ultimately, a bit of lunch at a high altitude meadow.  We got spun about and headed back down.

Sometimes it’s amazing the things you miss the first time through.  We didn’t see this overview on the way up!

This image was of Dumont Lake, where we started the days adventure from, made thousands of feet higher and miles away.  As said…



The best way to get high… is in the Rockies!


As a photographer and a hiker, I love making images of the natural world. I'm also and avid scuba diver and wannabe chef.

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