From Meadow to Forest Parham P Baker Photography
From Meadow to Forest, a Colorado Trail

Through the meadow and into the woods…

Our adventure in Colorado in 2015 led us up many interesting light-flooded paths.   The wonderful aspen are always a pleasure for us as photographers, so Ruth, Shari and I took a full helping of this medicine for the soul.   This particular spot called out to us as the meadow ahead was bathed in light and then the path led us deeper into the wonderful woods, a mix of  pines and aspens.

Every where we turned there was something to be seen, to be taken, to be shared.  The primary difficulty is knowing when to pass up a time taking shot, knowing that just around the bend there is an even better one to be made.  There were days when we never made our actual final destination, and yet the journey was so wonderful!


That’s the way life should be!  It’s the journey… not the destination!


As a photographer and a hiker, I love making images of the natural world. I'm also and avid scuba diver and wannabe chef.

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