Turn a corner, and then wow….


Trappers Lake View, Parham P Baker Photography
Trappers Lake View, Colorado

In late summer 2015 Ruth and I joined Sheri Dutton in Colorado to spend a week shooting the high altitudes!  One day, we wandered very high and long and ended up at a place called Trappers Lake Lodge.  The trip was suggested by the Fish and Wildlife folks in Steamboat Springs… really great folks.  Trappers is at 9,400 ft above sea level and the mountains there are incredible.   They have “primitive” cabins and a restaurant… but from that base, they have guides that will take you up into the high(er) country and leave you with all the needed supplies and equipment to camp and hunt or do the camera thing, then come back whenever to help you return.  WOW.  We want to go up there!

This shot was taken within a few miles of Trappers…    The road there was filled with incredible photo stops, and we couldn’t take the time to do anywhere near all of them!   This route would have been a week in and of itself!

There was a storm starting to wander it’s way in, and the front end of the clouds were spilling over the mountain tops while the sun still splashed on the face.  This place is pretty remote, high, and incredible, and the light does fantastic things up there high.   I wish I’d had more days to wander the mountains, lakes and rivers there.

One thing I really felt hit home during our meandering to Trappers…

Turn a corner, and there’s always something new!


As a photographer and a hiker, I love making images of the natural world. I'm also and avid scuba diver and wannabe chef.

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