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Welcome to my wild ramblings and photographic journeys of nature and wildlife.

I grew up hiking and camping.  While other kids went to Disneyland or Myrtle Beach, I was at Koomer Ridge, Tellico River, Rock Creek, Land Between the Lakes… the list goes on an on.   Those same younger years found me in the darkroom (my parents utility room) sloshing the stench of developer and fixer and cleaning up to a dim red lamp.  I learned dodging and burning, learned exposure, texture, grain (now we call that noise) and more.Me at barn shot on Union Mill

Through my years I’ve kept up with those wildwood wanderings, ranging further and further from the hills, mountains and nature of my Kentucky. In my adult life I have been a software developer and spent most of my work-a-day time behind a computer screen.  My years now, entering my sixties those “golden years,” I am spending more of my days shooting new images in those deep woods and in my CinderBlock Studio and less of the work-a-day thing.

My hope is to share my images with you, those who chance upon my art.  Nature photography is in me, integral to who I am.

I seek to share emotion with you.  The emotions I felt when I stood before a scene or a still life or a wonderfully cooked meal. I want my viewers, you, to not just see my images, but become a shared, involved part of the experience.   My images are only half of the experience of the art, the other half is how you respond when you are engaged with and within it.  Your emotional responses to my visions of nature conveyed in my photography.

Elakala Falls WV - Parham P Baker Photography
Elakala Falls WV


These are the voyages, of me, of my nature photography and wildlife photography.   My late in life mission, to explore… to share places and things I have seen and felt, and to find even more to share.


Will you join me?

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